Gregor Hutmacher

Stegstrasse 4, 8820 Wädenswil
078 804 40 50, gh(at)
Instrumental Experience since 1984 "Gregrex and the reggaedelics"
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Never give up
zur Melodie
zum Rhythmus
gregrex (music, cover and ingeneering)
thomas krattinger (sitar and voice)
michael stephan (cello)
christoph heeb (violine)
walter schönenberger (tabla)

Komposition von never give up’und Veröffentlichung meines ersten Albums.

never give up | improvisation on melody | improvisation ON rhythms

style: western/indian classical
composition, cover, engineering: gregrex/roger-g
released: february 26 1999
instruments: sitar/voice (thomas krattinger), cello (michael stephan),
violine (christoph heeb), tabla (walter schönenberger)

Recorded February 2nd 1999 in „höli“ scherz, analogue and digital mastering February 16th and 21st 1999.
Special thanks to the musicians, who played for free with great interest and engagement. Also thanks to my mother who cooked, my brother who provided the computer, the settlement „höli“ who offered room for recording and Zoran Knezevic who hired the audio-equipment.

During the time of six month I was finding the right combinations of many variations of the beginning of this piece. I noted it in musical keys to pass it on to the musicians. During another two month I organized place, timing, equipment and musicians to record the piece, and I designed cover, booklet and box for the metal tape version. The musicians played the piece together at once, followed by an improvisation on the main melody and another improvisation on the rhythmic patterns of the piece.


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