Gregor Hutmacher

Stegstrasse 4, 8820 Wädenswil
078 804 40 50, gh(at)
Instrumental Experience since 1984 "Gregrex and the reggaedelics"
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Riksha drive
Pani Radio

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Album Information

GREGREX indian ambient d&b
GR-1202-03 / ©SUISA

composed by gregrex
produced by martin villiger
mastered by greenwoods studios
released december 8, 2002.

fullmoon 2:15 | riksha drive 6:34 | pani radio 3:16 | deeper 6:10
inside* 7:51 | satellite 12:15 | pani 11:24 | sphere 11:26

style: indian ambient d & b
composed: gregrex / roger-g
produced: martin villiger
mastered: greenwoods studios
released: december 8th 2002

My debut album came out after a four month time of kneeling into this project whenever i could. All tracks are played by gregrex, except the piano in „inside“, played by Martin Villiger. It has been called an independent production as well as an ambient record for lounges. Find out what it is to you.

„gregrex, indian ambient d & b“ is a mix of indian ambient and electronic keys and drums. It‘s improvised, meditativ and still with kicks. Beats and melodies consisting of the same source / archetypes of music and fit together nicely.
„gregrex, indian ambient d & b“ is a little world of musical pictures.

GR-1202-03 | ©SUISA

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